• Starting Date :

    July 2017

  • Completion Date :

    June 2020

  • Project Clients :

    Supervised & Managed By Engineering Division – Northern Military Region Command – Egyptian Armed Forces.

  • Project Description :

    The Bashayer Al Khair project is a group of urban communities and a number of cities under the name (Bashayer Al Khair) and they are (Bashayer Al Khair from one to six) and then the outskirts of goodness.

    It consists of 37 buildings with a total of 1,869 residential units, and the project cost is one billion and 500 million.

    It is a burden on urban societies that aim to build humanity and seek to bring about a civilizational shift that achieves social justice and ensures human dignity for faces that have suffered neglect. The sun rises again and joy prevails over sadness.